Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Online Video is Good for Your Business

The internet gives your business the potential to reach a wider audience. Whether people are surfing the net on their phones, iPads or laptops, they are using it to check for businesses offering products and services they want. What are you doing to lead them to your website and to keep them engaged? People prefer to watch a video than read text on a website. It takes less time, is more engaging and gets the information out to people more effectively. Videos also create powerful emotional responses. This helps to get your video shared with an even wider audience. Video tells a story about your business, which helps people remember you. Video production is also more affordable than most think. You own your video and choose when and where to show it, at the frequency you like. Compare this to expensive cable ads that limit views by only airing your ad at specific times. N Tune Video Production can produce a video that caters to your audience, grabs their attention and gets them interested in your business. Contact Dee at (816) 315-1100 to discuss packages to fit your budget. Schedule a free consultation at your location within the Kansas City area.


  1. Indeed! Video is now becoming the new way to communicate information. Because we live in a wired or actually a wireless world, marketers are turning to both the web and mobile marketing, and video, to tell their stories. Not only is this a good way to share information and promote your brand, video marketing leads to higher search engine rankings, which means more website visitors and increased sales. Video SEO Production is following closely on the heels of the video re volution.

  2. It is so refreshing to read your comments William, thank you. I find that people (especially at the small business level) are only just beginning to realize the importance of video for their business' survival. Technology is increasing at an exponential level and it’s becoming more vital in this economy for people to get on board. I really appreciate your comments.